Lug Nuts for Aftermarket Wheels: Everything You Wanted to Know (And More)

Stock lug nuts work great with stock wheels, however when upgrading to new aftermarket wheels it’s also time for a new set of lugs.

All Circuit Performance Wheels, along with most aftermarket wheels utilize a “Tuner Style” lug nut with a 60 degree conical seating. 

How to pick the perfect lug nut for your new wheels

  1. Lug Seating Type

    Lug seating is the way the lug nut seats with the wheel. While OE wheels use a variety of mounting types such as mag seat, ball seat, or flat seat, most aftermarket wheels (and all Circuit Performance Wheels) use a conical seat base with a 60 Degree angle, often referred to as Tuner Style.

  2. Thread Size

    Lug nuts have a specific thread pitch, which needs to match the threads on your vehicle’s wheel studs.

  3. Outside Diameter of Lug Nuts

    Many aftermarket wheels have narrow lug holes, so it’s important to be mindful of the outside diameter of not only the nut, but also the tool required to install or remove the lug nuts from the vehicle.
    Hex type lug nuts use a regular socket that may be too large for some aftermarket wheels. Spline Drive, Star Spline and Tuner Hex lugs use specialized tools (usually included) that lock into the lug rather than around it, so that installing the lug does not scratch your wheels.

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